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At Idaho IT, our team of professionals provides IT solutions and support for all types of industries and needs. Our packages for small businesses include:


Managed Services

Our managed IT services reduce the headaches, and costs associated with trying to manage and support your IT yourself, freeing you up to concentrate on your primary business objectives — getting leads, improving sales, keeping customers happy, and tapping new sources of revenue.

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Data Protection

Businesses that lack a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan risk more than just their information – they risk losing their entire business. Idaho IT offers complete backup and recovery options for companies needing to defend vital information against loss due to theft, natural disaster, and unauthorized access.

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Improve the way your company communicates by implementing a VoIP phone system. VoIP uses a high-speed Internet connection to make and receive phone calls – and your monthly costs stay constant, regardless of how many calls you make or the distance between you and the person you call. Plus, our VoIP packages provide support and enhanced features you just can’t get with conventional phone systems.

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Help Desk

We offer a team of friendly, knowledgeable technicians who can troubleshoot problems quickly and keep your business moving in the right direction. Avoid the cost of hiring additional staff by outsourcing your IT support to our team.

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Business IT Support

Need on-demand IT support? We’re just a phone call away

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Hardware as a Service

With today’s ever-changing technology, hardware and software quickly become obsolete. We can provide you with the latest technology, regular upgrades, and improved productivity for your business, allowing you to compete with larger companies — all for one low monthly rate.

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Cloud Computing

See what the cloud can do for your company. With cloud computing, your business can minimize IT costs while enjoying increased bandwidth, better data protection and 24/7 support—all for a one low monthly fee. Learn more.

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Vendor Management

Wasting time trying to decipher all the “geek speak” used by your IT providers? Relax and let us consolidate your IT vendor relationships. We’ll translate all the lingo and get you better, faster service so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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